8:20 P.M.

The d.j. plays "Wonderwall" by Oasis.

Wellman disappears through the door to the front hall, nearly colliding with a man dressed entirely in meat. You recognize him from your fraternity as Brother Vadge.

Brother Doofus exits through the door by the bar, and is followed by the Viking, who has been talking with Helen Asher.

Deciding, perhaps drunkenly, that you're not going to be intimidated by Asher, despite his position as the governor of the state, you move up to Amanda and speak your mind about him, though he is standing mere inches away. "What an asshole. Pardon my French, but did you see the way he was looking at you?  I don't think the positions he wanted to talk about were political. I overheard your name was Amanda.  I'm Fooz.  Brother Fooz. Very pleased to meet you."

Asher glares and the Gorilla grabs you, snarling, "Okay, pal, move it along..."

Then Amanda comes to your defense, pulling you gently from the Gorilla. "No, no, he's one of Chip's friends, from the college."

The Gorilla glances over at Asher, who nods that it's all right for him not to crush your windpipe. Amanda shoots you a look that says, "Cool it!", then throws an arm around you and smiles coquettishly at the governor. "Some of us kids are meeting out at the pool house around nine for our own private party...wanna come?"

Asher smiles lustfully and says, "Sounds like fun...if I can ditch the ol' ball and chain." He laughs knowingly, then glances up and says. "Speak of the devil."

With that, Helen Asher approaches and hands him a drink. He takes a sip, then spits it out and says, "I said club soda, not tonic water..."

You notice Helen flinch imperceptibly, then she says "Whoops!" and laughs merrily with her husband. "I'm such a dummy sometimes."

If you continue hanging close to Amanda (and if you think you can avoid making another drunken faux pas), click here.

To switch to Brother Doofus, click here.

To switch to Brother Vadge, click here.