8:20 P.M.

"Wonderwall" by Oasis is blasting from the ballroom.

You pull a cool steak from your meat man outfit and lay it on the old butler's head. He mutters, "Thank you, kindly meat-man."

You turn to ask Brother Sputum and Brother Puris what's going on and see them heading up the stairs. You shrug and head into the ballroom, nearly colliding with a man in a pirate outfit whom you recognize as Chip's father, conservative radio personality Mike Wellman.

Wellman sees the fallen butler and cries out, "My God! Smythe! Are you all right?" as you step through the door into the Grand Ballroom.

Costumed guests fill the large room, dancing and talking. You can see the back yard through a set of glass French doors across the room.

A man in a big green booger outfit is standing in the middle of the floor. You recognize him from your fraternity as Brother Doofus. Another frat brother (Brother Foooz), dressed like a Marine, is standing by the fireplace with Governor Asher, a sexy blonde Little Red Riding Hood and the Gorilla.


Brother Doofus walks past the bar, where Helen Asher is talking with a strapping, shirtless Viking. Behind the bar, a man dressed like a convict is mixing drinks. Brother Doofus disappears through a door by the bar, and the Viking follows him.

Helen Asher walks over to join the group by the fireplace, where the Gorilla seems to be menacing Brother Foooz until Red Riding Hood comes to his defense.

To stand quietly and observe, click here.

Click here to switch to Brother Doofus.

Click here to switch to Brother Foooz.