8:35 P.M.

The instrumental "Firedream" from the "Faraway, So Close" soundtrack begins, inexplicably, to play from the ballroom.

As you take the videotape out of the manila envelope, you find a neatly-typed letter inside which reads only, "Just a reminder. Wellman stays out of politics or I go to the media with my videotape collection. ALL of my videotapes." At the bottom of the page is the Ear logo.

You stick the videotape in the machine and press play. This time, you see Mike Wellman clad only in a diaper, wearing a dog collar, kneeling at the feet of the Sexy Vampire, who is now clad in leather dominatrix gear with her private parts exposed. She swats Wellman with a riding crop and says, "You love me more than your whore bitch wife, don't you, slave?"

"Yes, Mistress," Wellman grovels.

"Then tell her you'll leave her unless she comes back to us."

Wellman's eyes grow wide and terrified, "No...please...if she knew we were still involved, it would kill her!"

"Quiet!" the Sexy Vampire screams, beating him mercilessly with her riding crop. "How dare you disobey!"

"She doesn't love you, Alicia!" Wellman whimpers, tears in his eyes. "Nothing you do is going to change that!"

"SHUT UP! SHUT UP, YOU FUCKING WORM!" Alicia, the Sexy Vampire, screams, beating and kicking Wellman until he slumps over, dazed.

Suddenly, she calms down and starts stroking Wellman's hair. "Oh, my poor little baby," she coos. "Mommy lost her temper. Mommy's sorry she hurt you. Here, let me make you feel better."

She pulls off Wellman's diaper to give him oral pleasure, then the tape ends.

The phone is still off the hook and beeping.

If you stand and do nothing, click here.

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