8:40 P.M.

"Wipeout" can be heard playing in the ballroom.

Brother Nitrous stands unmoving on the patio outside.

You agree to go with Chip, and he leads you through the west door of the dining room into a long hall lined with art and portraits of several generations of Ashcrofts. There are three doors across from you in the west wall, one door in the west wall and one door back to the dining room in the east wall.

Further down the hall, past the underside of the staircase, you can see paramedics in the front hall, administering CPR to Smythe the butler, who is collapsed on top of Icy Hot's motorcyle. The lights of an ambulance can be seen flashing through the front door.

After a moment, you see Brother Foooz step into the front hall; Smythe seems to be saying something to him.

Chip presses the "up" button on the old-fashioned, free-standing elevator. While you wait, you ask why the Sheik took your picture.

"Who, Uncle Jack?" Chip says. "He didn't take your picture. He was just carrying a camera...but I'm sure he's up to something. The guy is totally X-files, man...C.I.A., Mafia...if it's shady, he's got his fingers in it...I heard rumors he had something to do with the Kennedy assassination, but don't tell anybody I told you."

With that, the elevator arrives and Chip steps into it.

If you stand and do nothing, click here.

Click here to switch to Brother Nitrous.

Click here to switch to Brother Foooz.