8:45 P.M.

"Absolute Beginners" by David Bowie is playing from the ballroom.

You step through door #3 and enter a tidy office with framed prints and photographs on the wall, a large mahogany desk, file cabinets, a computer, and other office accoutrements. You notice a framed photo and several files on the desk.

Out in the hall, you hear Wellman yell, "CHIP! HELP ME!"

There is an open window in the north wall, with what seems to be the top of a ladder leaning against the outside sill. You look out the window and see the Big Bad Wolf reaching the bottom and pulling down the ladder, then disappearing around the corner.

Out in the hall, you hear Wellman shout, "SHE'S NOT MY WIFE! TERRIBLE THINGS ARE HAPPENING! HELP ME!"

There is a door hanging open to the south, which seems to lead into a bathroom.

Suddenly, you hear a gunshot and the sound of a screaming man falling down a staircase.

If you step into the bathroom, click here.

Click here to lie down for a nice, relaxing nap.