8:55 P.M.

Liz Phair's version of "The Tra La La Song" can be heard playing from the ballroom.

You walk to the entrance of the hedge maze and see rabbit ears poking up from the center of it.

You look over to the ballroom and don't seen anybody you recognize through the windows.

You see an ambulance sitting in the driveway in front of the mansion. A black Cadillac pulls up behind it and somebody dressed like the Grim Reaper steps out and enters the house.

A moment later, paramedics put a man dressed like a gorilla into the ambulance. It looks like he has some kind of crotch wound.

In the distance, you see a police car heading towards the mansion.

To find the rabbit at the center of the maze, click here.

To lie down for a quick nap, click here.