9:05 P.M.

You notice that the music in the ballroom has stopped temporarily.

You begin to remove your clothing. Icy says, "Yo, hold up, chief...don't take all that shit off...just one piece at a time! Ain't you never played strip poker before? Here...just take your hat off."

Your leather cap lands in the center of the pool house floor, on top of Amanda's cowl and Bernadette's go-go boot. You are now wearing leather pants, boxer shorts, two leather boots, a pair of sweat socks and a leather vest over a bare chest.

Suddenly, Amanda turns to you, upset. "Listen, I need your help...I don't know where Jack went, but somebody has to go into the closet with this camera...Governor Asher is going to be out here any minute and we're planning to have a little "party" with him...I need you to take a photo that shows him in a really incriminating position...but you only get one chance, because once the flash goes off, he'll probably bolt...do you think you can handle it? You'll make some decent money if you pull this off..."

Amanda hands you the camera expectantly.

If you just gape at her and do nothing, click here.

If you can't help thinking that a nice, quick nap would be really refreshing right about now, click here.