9:15 P.M.

Laurie Anderson's "From the Air" can be heard from the ballroom.

"Yes! There's a back exit this way!" you say to Asher, not caring if there is one or not. You wait until he hangs up his cel phone, then take his arm (not too violently) and pull him towards the pool house.

"Wait a minute!" the governor says, alarmed. "Why are we going in here? This is the way out?"

He tries to pull away, but you drag him into the pool house. Inside, you see Brother Nitrous sitting in a circle with Amanda, Icy Hot and Bernadette, playing cards. There is a pile of clothes sitting on the floor between them.

Amanda has taken off her Red Riding Hood cowl and her blouse, and is sitting there in a lacy white bra, a red skirt, black stockings and two red shoes. Icy Hot is wearing a leather jacket, leather pants and two black leather boots. Bernadette is wearing one go-go boot, a cat's-ear headband, a choker, a leopard-skin leotard, a leopard skin mini-skirt, fish-net stockings and a black bra. Brother Nitrous is wearing leather pants, boxer shorts, one leather boot, a pair of sweat socks and a leather vest over a bare chest.

You notice a closet door hanging open on the other side of the pool house.

Governor Asher is saying, "Where's my wife, I've got to find my..."

Suddenly, his eyes go wide as Amanda arches her back and thrusts out her breasts. She smiles and says, "You boys up for a little strip poker?"

The governor smiles and sits between Brother Nitrous and Amanda, saying, "Don't mind if I do."

Bernadette deals out cards to everyone, including a little pile for you between herself and Brother Nitrous.

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