9:20 P.M.

"Trainspotting" by Primal Scream can be heard playing from the ballroom.

You run to the door to the south. The Sheik turns and screams, "HEY! YOU! STOP!" Behind him, you can see the grisly remains of Veronica Aschcroft burning in the furnace.

Bounding through the door, you find yourself in a dark, labyrinthine wine cellar, filled by row after row of wine racks. You see an iron door in the west wall and the bottom of the elevator shaft in the southwest corner of the room.

The elevator descends, and you see the Big Bad Wolf inside the car, beckoning to you. "Come on! This way!"

Behind you, you hear Mike Wellman scream, "CHIP! NO!"

If you run to the iron door, click here.

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