9:30 P.M.

"Macarena" by Los Del Rio...the dance sensation that's sweeping the nation...macarenas from the ballroom.

Not really having a good answer for Salvatore at the moment, you blurt out, "Follow me and I'll explain everything!" Then, you dart through the door to the pantry. Salvatore follows you.

The pantry seems large enough to service a mid-sized, five star restaurant. A staircase leads down into the cellar; Chip's body is lying at the bottom of the stairs. His eyes are glazed open and his neck seems to be broken.

Somewhere in the cellar, Sgt. Duffy yells, "OPEN UP! I JUST WANT TO TALK TO YOU!"

Salvatore grabs you by the throat and forces you up against a wall, flicking open a switchblade knife. "Okay, you mamaluke...I've had enuffa you, capice? Gimme one good reason why I shouldn't just slit your throat right now..."

Just then, the Sheik comes running up the stairs. He closes the doors to the kitchen and the cellar, then hisses, "Sal! What are you doing? There's a cop right downstairs!"

"There's cops all over this joint!," Salvatore says, maintaining his grip on you. "What the hell is going on around here? And who's this joker?"

Glancing nervously down the stairs, the Sheik says, "He's one of Chip's friends from that college...the cop's got another one trapped in the security center...the other guy killed Chip and he may have killed somebody else...there's a body in the furnace, burned to a crisp...it looks like a woman."

Salvatore presses the blade against your throat and says, "Start talking, punk...who's the body in the furnace and who killed her? Why'd your friend kill Chip? And how the fuck did you know my name?"

If you cry out, "Marston sent me! He wants to call it off!", click here.

If you curl into the fetal position and take a quick nap, click here.