9:40 P.M.

"The End" by the Doors emanates ominously from the ballroom.

You stand doing nothing.

A policeman leads Cleopatra out of Veronica's office, into the upstairs hall, and a second policeman escorts the Slime Man out of Marston's office.

There is a sudden commotion as paramedics and policemen emerge from the master bedroom, carrying a body on a stretcher. The face is covered with a sheet.

The paramedics carry the corpse down the stairs, then the policemen urge you to follow them, taking you by the arm and pulling you along.

You descend into the front hall and see the corpse being loaded into a waiting ambulance, which quickly speeds away. The policemen usher you, Cleopatra and the Slime Man through a door in the west wall.

You step into a large, two-story library, filled with comfortable, leather-bound furniture. Ladders on rollers are positioned around the room, giving access to the high walls of books. A narrow catwalk runs along the perimeter, one story up, and there is a door in the north wall on the second floor.

Alicia (the Sexy Vampire) is sitting in the corner with her head in her hands.

After a moment, a man dressed from head to toe in meat is brought into the room, followed a short time later by a man dressed like the Biker Guy from the Village People, Bernadette (the cat woman), and Icy Hot. Behind them come three people who are dripping wet and wrapped in towels: a blonde woman in the remains of a Little Red Riding Hood costume, the Viking, and Governor Asher.

Next comes the man dressed like a James Bond villain, the Grim Reaper, the Marine and Jack Marston (the Sheik), followed by the Indian Chief, the Big Bad Wolf and Mike Wellman, who looks like he's been crying.

After that, the policemen all step out of the room, closing the doors behind them.

Click here to go proposition the Sexy Vampire.

Click here to switch to Cleopatra (Sally Barnes).

Click here to switch to the Slime Man (Brother Doofus).

Click here to switch to the Marine (Brother Foooz).

Click here to switch to the Leather Guy from the Village People (Brother Nitrous).

Click here to switch to the Indian Chief (Brother Puris).

Click here to switch to the James Bond villain (Brother Sputum).

Click here to switch to the Meat Man (Brother Vadge).