9:40 P.M.

"The End" by the Doors emanates ominously from the ballroom.

You stand doing nothing. Salvatore's gun is still poking in your ribs.

Brother Foooz says, "Yes, officer, I'll go to the library, but I need to return this..." He turns to Jack Marston (the Sheik) and says, "Sir, AMANDA found YOUR camera. AMANDA wanted me to get it to you."   Then he hands Marston the camera.

"Oh...oh yes," Marston says, greedily clutching the camera.

"I'm afraid I'll need to confiscate that," the policeman says, reaching for the Nikon.

"NO!" Marston says, instinctively clutching the camera closer.

The policeman takes a step forward, putting his hand on the butt of his gun, and says, "You'll get it back...but I'm afraid I'll need that as evidence in an ongoing murder investigation."

Marston's scowl fades into an oily smile and he says, "Of course."

He hands over the camera, and the policeman says, "Thank you...now if all of you could follow me to the library..."

While the policeman is speaking, you feel Salvatore pull the gun away from your ribs, then he whispers, "The gun's still in my pocket, pointed at your balls. Remember that, punk."

Just then, paramedics rush through the room with a stretcher, heading for the basement.

A policeman grabs you by the arm and leads you and the others through the southwest door, down the grand hall to the front hall. Through the front door, you see an ambulance tearing off down the driveway.

"Right through here, please," the policeman says, indicating a door in the west wall.

Together with the others, you step into a large, two-story library, filled with comfortable, leather-bound furniture. Ladders on rollers are positioned around the room, giving access to the high walls of books. A narrow catwalk runs along the perimeter, one story up, and there is a door in the north wall on the second floor.

Alicia (the Sexy Vampire) is sitting in the corner with her head in her hands. Brother Doofus is standing in the middle of the room with Red Sonja and Cleopatra. Brother Vadge is standing off by himself.

Huddled nearby are three people wrapped in towels and dripping wet: Amanda (whose Red Riding Hood costume is clinging to her body in a most enticing way), Gus the Viking and Governor Asher. Beside them are Brother Nitrous, Icy Hot and Bernadette.

A moment later, Brother Puris and the Big Bad Wolf are brought into the room behind you, followed by Mike Wellman, who seems to have been crying.

After that, the policemen all step out of the room, closing the doors behind them.