And we have a winner!

The competition was surprisingly fast and fierce in this week's Immunity Challenge, with Eric once again failing to respond by the deadline.

Last week's Immunity winner, Scott, also failed to respond by the deadline, but did send along this lovely representation of bean-eating.

The remaining four Survivors all responded well before the deadline...

Fourth Place:  Rob

Third Place:  Andrea

Second Place:  Jim
...but, in a surprise upset, ERIN used ingenuity (and PhotoShop) to beat the clock by sending her photographic bean-eating imagery while still at work in her office...

...and, since the rules did not preclude visual trickery in the photographic representation of bean-eating, the judges have ruled that ERIN is this week's Immunity Winner!

Cingular Wireless congratulates this week’s immunity winner, Erin Amar of Boston, MA!