bait shop news
Way back when I first started playing around with this website (could it really be eight years ago?), I was mainly just trying to teach myself a little about all the new-fangled "cybernet" technology I'd heard so much about, with all the links and the clicking and whatnot.  Now, strangely enough, I've evolved into a full-fledged resident of the inter-tubes, what with my online screenwriting courses at UCLA Extension (featuring students from literally the four corners of the Earth) and the Ol' Blog Shop, current home (for all you single digits of fans) of my ongoing pulpy fiction serial, Test Drive (after its former online home, Shuffleboil, closed its borders and became strictly the domain of its two lovely and talented creators, John & Jana.

But the Ol' Bait Shop footprint in cyberspace continues to grow, with a new and improved New England Screenwriters website about to launch, just as soon as I make a few last minute tweaks and figure out how to get my @&%#$! PayPal button to work if you or anyone you know has a movie idea or finished screenplay that needs help, please to spread the word!

I've also ventured further into the blogosphere, with posts as a new regular contributor to The Screengrab  movie forum over at, where I share webspace with esteemed culture vulture and longtime Bait Shop habitué, Baron Von Doviak.


Finally, there's new Bait Shop material over on the YouTubes (and, eventually, De Zomer Kamp, the Team Bait Shop/Burt Wood entry in the 2008 48 Hour Film Project (Boston edition).  Our genre this year was fantasy, and the elements used by all teams were (1) a receipt, (2) a diplomat character named Reggie/Regina Higginbotham and (3) the line, "This could get complicated."

In other movie news, The Meat City Beatniks creeps ever closer to completion (along with my novel, Building Heaven, which is creeping even slower)...but hopefully, by the next Bait Shop update, one or both of these marathon projects will be...well, even still yet closer to completion!

Stay tuned!