bait shop news
A lotís happened since the last Bait Shop update -- though most of itís just been relentless teaching and uneventful freelance word-crunching. I was hoping thereíd be more Blue Estate news to report by this point -- though for now, the series remains on hiatus.

But there have been some bright spots in the past few months. For example, I covered SXSW back in March for The North Adams Transcript and Rocker (after finally parting ways with as a result of their...letís say lackadaisical way of dealing with contributors).

Meanwhile, my consultations for and my classes for UCLA Extension, Brookline Adult Ed. and the Cambridge Center for Adult Ed. are still lots of fun (especially the recent Comedy Boot Camp I ran for CCAE).

And, even more exciting, The Meat City Beatniks musical received a staged reading at the Eclectic Company Theatre (hopefully on its way to a full production in 2014), while my one-act ďImprovisationĒ was selected for ECTís 2013 Hurricane Season festival.

So...whatís next? Well...I'm (hopefully) on track to finish the first draft of my novel by the end of the year. And, beyond Meat City, there may be some other theatrical productions on the horizon...

...or not...

...or maybe the horse will finally talk!