bait shop news
I usually update the Bait Shop News in December or January, but things got so busy towards the end of 2013 that here it is, already springtime 2014 and Iím only just posting last year's Top Tens.

Why so busy, you ask? Well, for one thing, I was racing to complete my first novel, Building Heaven, which I've only submitted to four agents at this point.

Why only four, you might likewise ask? Well, because so far, 2014ís been a mad scramble of teaching, freelance work and homefront dramas (about which Iíll only say that donations to The Herren Project and The American Cancer Society would be especially appreciated this year).

I also recently covered the 2014 SXSW festival for the Bax & OíBrien show on Rock 102 WAQY-FM in Springfield, MA (with an assist from my old P.C.C. pal Mike Baxendale).

And, in othe news, a preview of the Blue Estate video game I helped to co-write was released for the Leap Motion system, and thereís a full-scale version in the works for the PlayStation4 and Xbox One, of all things. And thanks to my longtime friend and collaborator Jed Weintrob, Iíve recently started writing shorts for Vanity Fairís video channels, which should be hitting the interweb in the near future.

But job one for the rest of the year is finding an agent and/or publisher for Building Heaven (and there are some other projects in the works, including more upcoming games and possibly the launch of an Olí Bait Shop podcast)..., to paraphrase True Detectiveís Rust Cohle, maybe...just maybe...the light is winning. Stay tuned!