The Ol' Bait Stop & Shop

It's a state of mind!

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APOCALYPSE BOP (1996, 16mm, color & b/w)

It's the end of the world as we know it...and you're invited! 

"Sparkling and Hilarious!" -- The Boston Phoenix 

"Witty and Engaging!" -- Variety 

"Unexpected and Surreal!" -- The Boston Globe 


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ON_LINE (2002, 35mm, color)

 "A classic New York romantic comedy!" 
-- The Los Angeles Times

"...a sweeter romantic comedy than anything made in Hollywood this year." --

" the end, On_Line makes you love it." -- Film Threat

Hick Flicks
The Rise and Fall of Redneck Cinema
by Scott Von Doviak

This comprehensive study of the "hixploitation" genre is the first of its kind. Chapters are divided into three major topics. Part One deals with “good ol’ boys,” from redneck sheriffs, to moonshiners, to honky-tonk heroes and beyond. Part Two explores road movies, featuring back-road racers, truckers and everything in between. Part Three, “In the Woods,” covers movies about all manner of beasts—some of them human—populating the swamps and woodlands of rural America. Film stills are included, and an afterword examines both the decline and metamorphosis of the genre. A filmography, bibliography and index accompany the text. 


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Four Go Mad in Massachusetts
by John Mitchell & Jana Christy

Four Go Mad in Massachusetts follows the adventures of the Mitchell Family, as they traverse their state in search of something interesting to do. In the process, they visit a house made of paper, an abandoned amusement park, a giant haunted boulder, a shut down nuclear power plant, and a two story chair, as well as museums devoted to outdated machinery, medical oddities, and the history of plastic!


Moonflower is the brainchild of Martine Garai and James Dryden, both of whom are songwriters, performers, singers, lovers, husband & wife, best friends, soul mates and space rock groove makers. Their first CD, simply called Moonflower, harkens back to 1960s and 1970s pop psychedelic and looks forward by incorporating modern recording techniques and adding ethereal elements of space, time, soul - all backed by a percussive beat, atmospheric rhythm guitars and pulsating keyboards. Martine and James are backed by the awesome vocal talents of Grace Cloyd and Tom Whitney, along with the musical skills of a few other welcome musicians. For more information, check out the Moonflower web site. James and Martine, along with their bandmates, are presently recording their next album. And it's gonna blow you away... 


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The F Word, Jed Weintrob's second feature film, is a fiction/documentary hybrid about Joe Pace, a radio talk show host whose program, The F Word, is being shut down by the F.C.C. after racking up over $1 million in unpaid indecency fines. On his last day on the air, which coincides with the last day of the Republican National Convention, Joe sets off to broadcast his own one-man march through Manhattan. 

Josh Hamilton stars along with Edoardo Ballerini, Zak Orth, Sam Rockwell, Callie Thorne and others, including many leaders of the protest movement: Reverend Billy, Peter Camejo, John Perry Barlow, etc. The F Word is a true, guerilla-style indie(non-profit, blood, sweat and tears), offering an innovative political portrait of 21st century New York City and the current threat to free speech in America.