dramarama 2001

As long-time fans will no doubt recall, a while back I wrote a screenplay for Andrew Lazar's Mad Chance Productions entitled Dramarama.  The story follows a bunch of scrappy young people trying to win a New England high school theater competition based loosely on the annual Boston Globe Drama Festival.

Then, even more recently, Warner Bros. hired Adam Abraham to direct the film.  In order to help keep the ball rolling (and give the Suits a taste of the real thing), I put together a 15-minute documentary about the 2001 regional theater competition at Middleboro High School and sent it along to the powers that be.

And now that Dramarama is apparently going into production, the Bait Shop is planning an in-depth, expanded feature-length version of the 15-minute documentary...

...so watch this space for any and all 2004 drama club movie updates!