Welcome to the sixth edition of The Ol' Bait Shop Online! This latest edition features the premiere of a new, improved OL' BAIT SHOP REVIEWS section that'll give that cranky old Movie Bastard a run for his money.

Aside from the aforementioned super-swanky new webfoolery, however, nothing much has changed here at Casa del Bait.

As you may recall from last week's episode, APOCALYPSE BOP is going to get distributed by the good people at E.I. Independent Cinema in December (just in time for all your holiday needs!), so you'll finally be able to buy it (or rent it at your local independent video emporium).

And, of course, I'd like to find some way to make this site known to others besides the five who've already viewed it. (My sources inform me that you can't even find this site in the Tripod directory, let alone the Internet proper).

But all that's for later, in the imaginary future when I'll actually have time to achieve these goals of which I speak. In the meantime, please enjoy the same old crap I've got for you here. And, if by some chance you are NOT one of the five people who already know about this site, and somehow wound up here by accident, then here's the lowdown...

Basically, this site is going to be a little clubhouse for the disenfranchised, and a place for filmmakers, musicians, writers, weirdos and artists of all stripes to meet and buy stuff from each other. F'rinstance, here at the Ol' Bait Shop, you'll definitely be able to buy very, very, very underground video classics like APOCALYPSE BOP and PUKE, as well as music, comic books, and lots of other cool stuff that's fallen through the cracks of the big "alternative/independent" marketing machines.

And guess what! The stuff doesn't (necessarily) suck! Yes, I know what you're thinking. If this stuff of which I speak were good, then said stuff would've been on some hot lists by now, right? The movies would have played at Sundance, the music would've been played on that MTV show with the weird, fat bald guy...but no! Thus far, it's only been enjoyed by the handful of people who've had the good fortune to stumble across it by accident.

But now, you...my new imaginary internet friends...you, too, can stumble across it. On purpose!

This, in a rambling sort of nutshell, is my MANIFESTO, and the raison d'etre (or however you spell it) for this, the Ol' Bait Shop. Stay tuned!

Thank you.

The Management