8:10 P.M.

"The Right Place" by Eddi Reader plays as you continue to hang at the bar with your frat buddies.

Across the room, you see Brother Foooz hitting on a sexy blonde in a Little Red Riding Hood costume.  Nearby, you see a muscular, bare-chested man in a Viking costume enter the ballroom from the garden and sidle up to the bar.

Just then, a motorcycle roars onto the dance floor from the entry hall to the west.  When the biker pulls off his helmet, you recognize him as Icy Hot, the notorious rap star.

A guest in a slinky Catwoman outfit rushes over and throws her arms around the rapper, squealing, "Icy!  You made it!"

Wellman marches right up to confront the rap star.  After a brief argument with the man, Icy Hot and the Catwoman exit through a door to the west.

Smythe the butler passes the young couple as he enters the ballroom to retrieve the motorcycle.  The elderly servant wheels the bike to the entry hall, then you hear a loud crash.

Brother Puris, the Sexy Vampire and a man dressed like a Sheik all rush to the front hall to investigate.

To follow Brother Puris and the others to the front hall, click here.

To switch to Brother Doofus, click here.

To switch to Brother Foooz , click here.

To switch to Brother Nitrous, click here.

To switch to Brother Puris, click here.