8:15 P.M.

"He's The Greatest Dancer" by Sister Sledge blasts from the sound system.

You continue to flirt with Amanda as a couple dressed like Frankenstein's Monster and the Bride of Frankenstein enter the ballroom, accompanied by a big bruiser in a gorilla suit.  You recognize the couple as Governor Asher and his wife, Helen.  You assume the gorilla is a secret service agent.

The Governor glances over at Amanda, then tells his wife to get him a club soda from the bar.  Helen nods in meek compliance and hurries over to the bar, where Brother Doofus is standing with a guy in a Viking costume.  You also see Brother Nitrous disappearing into the back yard.

"Nice to see you, Governor,"  Wellman says, flashing a fake smile.

"What kind of party are you running here?"  the Governor replies, keeping his eyes on Amanda's chest.  "Did you know your butler was lying on top of a motorcycle in the front hall?"

"Oh my God," Wellman gasps.  "Excuse me, I'll be right back."

As he turns to go, the Governor wraps an arm around Amanda's waist and says, "So what's your name, sweetheart?"

"Amanda,"  Amanda giggles coquettishly.

"What a pretty name," the Governor purrs, staring straight down her blouse.  "Ever considered a career in politics, Amanda?  I might have a position for you on my staff."

Before Amanda can reply, the Governor's cel phone rings and he turns away to take the call.  Behind him, you spot a man dressed in meat entering the ballroom.  You recognize the Meat Man as Brother Vadge, another one of your frat buddies.

 Just then, you hear a scream and a crash from the second floor.

To tell Amanda that you think Governor Asher is a big creep, click here.

Click here to switch to Brother Doofus.

Click here to switch to Brother Vadge.