8:35 P.M.

The instrumental "Firedream" from the "Faraway, So Close" soundtrack begins, inexplicably, to play from the ballroom.

You turn to Chip and ask him where he thinks Helen Asher might be heading.

Chip shrugs and says, "She's probably heading out to get a fix from Gus the gardener...you know the guy dressed like a Viking? He's, like, a major drug dealer, and Helen Asher is, like, a major druggie."

With that, Brother Nitrous heads out onto the patio.

As soon as he is gone, Chip turns to you, lowering his voice confidentially. "Listen, man, I've gotta go talk to my folks about moving out of this place. Would you come with me? I know it sounds lame, but they've been acting really weird lately and I'm afraid they might get, you know, violent when I tell them the news. I'm scared to be alone with them, man...I'd feel a lot better if you were there...they act more normal when other people are around. What do you say?"

Before you can answer, the man dressed as the Sheik emerges through the west door of the dining room carrying an expensive 35mm camera with a flash. He glances over at you and Chip, then hurries through the French doors to the patio and continues on towards the pool.

If you say okay and go with Chip, then ask him for more information about the Sheik, click here.

Click here to switch to Brother Nitrous.