8:35 P.M.

The instrumental "Firedream" from the "Faraway, So Close" soundtrack begins, inexplicably, to play from the ballroom.

Brother Doofus turns to Chip and asks him where he thinks Helen Asher might be heading.

Chip shrugs and says, "She's probably heading out to get a fix from Gus the gardener...you know the guy dressed like a Viking? He's, like, a major drug dealer, and Helen Asher is, like, a major druggie."

With that, you head out onto the patio and see Helen Asher disappearing into the hedge maze.

A minute later, the man dressed like a Sheik emerges from the dining room behind you, carrying an expensive 35mm camera with a flash. He glances at you nervously, then hurries in the direction of the pool.

If you stand and do nothing but take in the pleasant night air for a moment, click here.

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