8:40 P.M.

"Wipeout" can be heard playing in the ballroom.

You stand motionless. Governor Asher asks again if you've seen Veronica Ashcroft, then shrugs and goes to knock on the door to Veronica's bedroom.

"Ronnie?" he says, then he pokes his head into the room while the secret service man stands eyeing the stairs.

Behind them, you see a Big Bad Wolf emerge from a door north of the bedroom (door #3) hauling a huge load of laundry. He drops it down the laundry chute in the north wall, then drops another huge load of laundry down the chute and disappears back into the room.

Seconds later, Mike Wellman bursts from Smythe's bathroom, wild-eyed. The Sexy Vampire and the Fairie Queen try to restrain him, but he pulls away from them, terrified, and screams, "DEVIL WOMEN! DEVIL WOMEN!"

If you step through door #3, click here.

To lie down and take a quick nap, click here.