8:40 P.M.

"Wipeout" can be heard playing from the ballroom.

You enter the bathroom and see a door leading into a large master bedroom. Then you look down into the bathtub and see the corpse of Chip's mother, Veronica Ashcroft. You notice a track mark in her arm, but the cause of death seems more obvious: she has Brother Foooz's Marine sword sticking out of her abdomen. You also see other incriminating clues scattered over her body: some slime from Brother Doofus' booger costume, some white cat hair from Brother Sputum's costume, a piece of meat from Brother Vadge's costume, a stud from Brother Nitrous's costume and even one of the Indian feathers from your own costume. If you didn't know better, you'd swear somebody was trying to set up you and your frat brothers.

Just then, somebody whacks you on the head and you fall, unconscious.

You wake up feeling like you've been in a car wreck. Your head aches and it's totally dark. Your arms and legs are hog-tied together and you've got a gag in your mouth. You're lying on something soft, and you have a creepy feeling that the corpse of Victoria Ashcroft is lying beside you.

If you crawl around trying to figure out where you are whilst simultaneously attempting to free yourself from bondage, click here.

To just give up and fall asleep, click here.