8:45 P.M.

From somewhere in the distance, you hear "Absolute Beginners" by David Bowie, so you figure you're still in the mansion.

You grope over soft bundles in the direction of the music, freeing yourself from what must have been hastily tied bonds (although the gag is still in your mouth). You land on a cold tile floor and see a crack of light. When you crawl towards it, you come to a door and pull yourself to your feet, groping around until you find a light switch.

The lights click on and you see that you are in a laundry room. The bottom of a laundry chute can be seen in the north wall. In the middle of the room are a dozen bundles of clothes; on top of these bundles is a sheet that you must have been wrapped in and another, blood-stained one with Veronica Ashcroft's arm sticking out. The sword no longer seems to be sticking out of her ribcage, but you see a glint of metal that suggests it has been bundled up with her and the other planted clues you found.

You look down and see that your clothes and hands are stained with blood from lying next to the corpse. On the other side of the door, you hear footsteps approaching.

Suddenly, you hear what sounds like a gunshot, coming from somewhere on the second floor.

If you wipe the blood from your hands and exit the laundry room, click here.

Click here to snuggle up against the corpse and take a quick nap.