8:50 P.M.

You can hear "Stink" by John Lurie grooving from the ballroom.

You wipe the blood from your hands and open the laundry room door, intending to leave.

As soon as the door opens, you find yourself facing the Big Bad Wolf, who is holding a big, bad butcher knife. Behind him, you can see a large kitchen.

The Big Bad Wolf pushes you back into the laundry room and slams the door behind him, shaking his head. "My, my, my...now what are we gonna do about this? Here you are in the laundry room with a dead body, covered in blood. Doesn't look too good, does it? If I was an upright citizen, I'd run right out of here, screaming bloody murder. Only thing is, that dead body just happens to be my darling sister, and maybe I don't want people to know she's dead...so now, we've got a real dilemma here. Now, maybe I can kill you before you can scream and raise a fuss and screw up my plan...that certainly would be the most convenient for me...or maybe you'll somehow be able to kill or wound me before I kill you...on the other hand, if you play your cards right and work with me, we could both end up rich. It's up to you, Chief. Make your move."

If you ask the Big Bad Wolf for more details about working together, click here.

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