8:55 P.M.

From the ballroom, you hear Liz Phair singing "The Tra La La Song."

You calmly ask the Big Bad Wolf what he means by "work with him."

The Wolf smiles and says, "I mean, do what I say, don't tell anybody about seeing Veronica's body or talking to me, and you'll be a rich man by the end of the week. And I mean millionaire rich. Now, if you're in, your first job is to get rid of this body and the bloody sheets."

He turns and points at the door to the kitchen. "There's a garbage chute in the north wall of the kitchen, and that leads to the incinerator. Dump the body and the sheets down it, then go back and enjoy the party. That's it for now...not bad for a million dollars, huh? Now, I'm going to leave...it wouldn't be good for the two of us to be seen together right now...but I'll be watching you. Don't disappoint me."

With that, the Big Bad Wolf exits to the kitchen and slams the door behind him.

If you dump Veronica's body in the incinerator, click here.

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