8:55 P.M.

Liz Phair's version of "The Tra La La Song" can be heard playing from the ballroom.

Bernadette, Icy Hot and Amanda are lounging around the pool house with you, smoking weed and drinking beer.

"What's up with the Sheik?" you ask, pointing to the guy in the closet dressed like a Sheik.

"Oh, don't pay any attention to him, sweetie," Amanda says, smiling seductively at you. "Just pretend he isn't there...especially when Governor Asher shows up, okay?"

Before you can say anything else, she puts a hand on your knee and says, "Just play along and you'll be glad you did...really, really glad."

Amanda licks her lips, then asks again how many cards you want. You look back down at your hand to refresh your memory:  a four of diamonds, a six of spades, a ten of spades, a ten of diamonds and an ace of spades.

If you keep the tens and ask for three cards, click here.

Click here to lie down and take a quick nap.