9:00 P.M.

"Natural One" by Folk Implosion can be heard playing from the house.

"I'll take three cards," you say, keeping the pair of tens.

Amanda deals you three cards: You get a nine of spades, a three of hearts and a five of diamonds. Everybody else takes cards. Amanda winds up with a pair of fours, Bernadette gets a pair of nines and Icy wins with a pair of aces.

"Strip, y'all," he says, smiling.

Amanda pulls off her Red Riding Hood cowl, revealing a white blouse, red skirt, black stockings, and two red shoes. She also seems to be wearing a white bra. You don't know what else she has on.

Bernadette takes off one of her go-go boots. She is still wearing the other boot, a cat's-ear headband, a choker, a leopard-skin leotard, a leopard skin mini-skirt, fish-net stockings and a black bra. You're not sure what else she has on.

You are wearing a leather cap, leather pants, boxer shorts, two leather boots, a pair of sweat socks and a leather vest over a bare chest.

Suddenly, a vaguely disturbing smell of cooking meat drifts into the pool house. The Sheik emerges from the closet, a horrified look on his face. "That smell...I know that smell...oh my God... Amanda, you've got to take over..."

He hands her the camera and rushes out of the pool house. Amanda cries after him, "Jack! What the hell are you doing?"

While this is going on, Bernadette takes the cards and prepares to deal. She eyes you lustfully and says, "So? What are you gonna take off?"

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