8:55 P.M.

From the ballroom, you hear Liz Phair singing "The Tra La La Song."

You stand in the upstairs hall, apparently too stunned to move.

Brother Foooz emerges from door #3 and chases Governor Asher down the stairs.

Brother Doofus turns to Chip and asks where the gun came from. Chip looks at him helplessly, then recovers from his shock enough to say, "I bought it...for protection..."

Alicia gets in his face and snarls, "Protection? Protection from what you stupid little pin-dick?"

Gaining confidence, Chip points at Mike and says, "From him! He's crazy! You all saw! I don't feel safe in this house anymore!"

The Fairie Queen sneers at him and says, "Then move out!"

"Both my parents are crazy!" Chip says, playing to his captive audience. "They've threatened my life! And I can prove it! They've tried to kill me, and they'll do it again! I had to defend myself!"

With that, Chip runs over and grabs his gun off the floor, holding it with shaking hands.

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