9:00 P.M.

"Natural One" by Folk Implosion can be heard playing from the ballroom.

An attractive young woman dressed like Cleopatra steps through the front door as you face Asher  and say, "Er....Excuse me, Mr. Governor. There seems to be a lot of problems going on that you might not want to be connected to. Why don't you let me lead you in a safe direction away from people who might take the wrong meaning from these events. I know a good way out! Follow me!"

Asher is about to respond when the party's bartender (the one dressed like a convict) enters from the ballroom and whips out a badge. "Sgt. Duffy, homicide," he says. "Did any of you see the shooting out here a few minutes ago?"

Before he can finish his sentence, Asher gives you the nod and you pull him towards the ballroom. You suddenly become aware of the strangely disturbing smell of cooking meat.

As you cross the ballroom, Asher says, "Who are you, anyway? And where exactly are you taking me?"

Suddenly, you hear a gunshot from the upper floor.

If you continue dragging Asher towards the pool house, click here.

Click here to switch to Cleopatra (Sally Barnes).