9:00 P.M.

"Natural One" by Folk Implosion plays from the ballroom.

As you step into the second floor hallway, your mouth begins to water. The air is filled with the scent of cooking meat, but something about it makes you very uneasy.

You see the James Bond villain and a guy in a slimy green booger costume staring in horror at Chip, who is pointing a gun at everyone in the hall. The female paramedic backs away from him warily. The Fairie Queen and the Sexy Vampire huddle next to Mike.

"Chip," Mike says, very calmly. "Put down the gun before somebody gets hurt."

"No! You want me dead! This is self-defense!" Chip yells desperately, focusing on the James Bond villain and the booger-man. "Right, guys? You'll back me up, right?"

You notice that a gaunt Sicilian, dressed like the Grim Reaper, has ascended the stairs behind Chip and is slowly creeping up behind him. Mike doesn't seem to notice as he advances on his son with his hand out.

"CHIP!" Mike screams. "GIVE ME THE GUN!"

The Sicilian brings his scythe down on Chip's arm as the gun goes off. A bullet strikes the Fairie Queen in the hip and she falls with a scream.

Mike and the Grim Reaper grab for Chip, but he scrambles free and runs towards the laundry chute.

Just then, a guy dressed as a convict emerges at the top of the stairs, holding a gun and badge. "FREEZE! POLICE!"

Chip ignores him and dives down the laundry chute.

If you head into Smythe's bathroom, click here.

Click here to switch to Brother Sputum (the James Bond villain).

Click here to switch to Brother Doofus (the booger man).