9:05 P.M.

There is a momentary break in the music coming from the ballroom.

A young woman dressed as Cleopatra appears at the top of the stairs behind Sgt. Duffy as you walk towards Smythe's bathroom.

Suddenly, the Booger Man charges past you and dives down the laundry chute. The James Bond villain turns to the Grim Reaper and shouts, "Salvatore, you idiot! You've ruined everything!" Then he follows the Booger Man down the laundry chute. A look of extreme consternation crosses the Grim Reaper's face.

Sgt. Duffy is momentarily flabbergasted, then turns to Wellman and shouts, "Where does that chute lead?"

Wellman replies, "Laundry room, first floor...just off the kitchen...come on, I'll show you."

Sgt. Duffy rushes back down the stairs. Wellman stops to kneel beside the Fairie Queen, taking her hand tenderly as he says, "I'll be right back..."

"I'm fine," the Fairie Queen says, trying to be brave through gritted teeth.

"I love you, Veronica," Wellman says, kissing her on the lips. You notice the Sexy Vampire flushing bright red with anger as you step into Smythe's bathroom and close the door behind you.

The first thing you notice in Smythe's bathroom is that the medicine cabinet is hanging open and the floor is covered with various tubes and bottles. There is one bottle lying in the sink; the label indicates that it contains Smythe's heart medication.

An old-fashioned bathtub with cast-iron lion-claw "feet" is positioned against the north wall, and there is a wooden door set in the west wall.

If you examine the medication, then go back to the upstairs hall, click here.

Click here to switch to Sally Barnes (Cleopatra).

Click here to switch to Brother Doofus (the Booger Man).

Click here to switch to Brother Sputum (the James Bond villain).