9:05 P.M.

The music stops momentarily as the deejay consults nervously with other partygoers, trying to find out some information about all the commotion.

Motivated by a strength borne of horniness and a growing conviction that the party blows premo, you pull Asher ever closer to Amanda's location in the pool house, dragging him out of the ballroom through the French doors and into the back yard.

Outside, you notice flashing blue lights and see a police car pulling up to the front door of the mansion. To the north, you see the Sheik running towards a door in the far corner of the house, while the Viking saunters from the greenhouse towards the pool house. To the east, you hear a mechanical whirring noise emanating from somewhere within a large hedge maze.

Asher pulls away from you angrily and says, "Young man, I am the governor of this goddamned state, and I'm not taking another step until you tell me who you are and where the hell you're taking me!"

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