9:10 P.M.

Iggy Pop's "Lust For Life" from the most excellent "Trainspotting" soundtrack blasts from the ballroom.

You stare respectfully at Asher and say, "Sorry, Mr. Govenor. My name is Scott Tyler, I'm just a college-aged voter who voted for you in your last election. I know a little about politics and I know you don't want to be around when the boys in blue look for the gun wielding maniacs back there. This house is a friend's and I know the ways in and out. I'm trying to sneak you out!"

You motion towards the pool house (which the Viking has just entered) and try to get Asher to follow you. You see the Sheik step through a door at the north corner of the house.

Asher thinks over what you've said, then says, "You're right, there's no need for my name to get dragged into this squalid business...Is there a back way out? I'll call my driver and have him meet us...and where's my wife? Have you seen her?"

As he says this, Asher pulls a cel phone from his pocket while you lead him to the pool house.

If you tell Asher that yes, there's a back way out, then continue dragging him towards the pool house, click here.

Click here if it's really time for that nap.