9:05 P.M.

There is a momentary break in the music coming from the ballroom.

You explain to Chip that you came to the kitchen to see what the hell was burning. You tell him it must be garbage, then explain that the blood on your costume is yours and comes from the cut on your  head you got when you bumped your head.

"I don't see a cut on your head," Chip says, confused. "And when did you bump your head?"

Quickly changing the subject,  you tell him that you can help him hide. You suggest that he follow you back into the laundry room before someone smells the smoke and finds him in the kitchen. You go to the laundry room door and open it, assuring him that you will help. A quick glance into the room reveals that there are still drops of blood on the floor and on the laundry bags at the bottom of the chute where Veronica's corpse was lying.

Chip doesn't seem to notice the blood as he says, "I can't hide in there! That's the first place they'll look! Everybody on the second floor saw me dive down the laundry chute after I shot my mother!"

Before you can respond, Brother Doofus comes sliding down the chute in the laundry room and lands in a heap amid the piles of laundry. Seconds later, Brother Sputum lands on top of him.

Chip gapes at them in disbelief as they untangle themselves, then stare at you and the blood on your costume.

If you gulp the contents of the bottle in your pocket, then wrestle Chip to the ground while shouting a bunch of nonsense, click here.

Click here to switch to Brother Doofus.

Click here to switch to Brother Sputum.