9:05 P.M.

There is a momentary break in the music coming from the ballroom.

You follow Sgt. Duffy up the stairs to the second floor hallway. In the center of the hall is an old-fashioned, free-standing elevator shaft. There are two doors (#1 and #2) and a laundry chute in the north wall. There are three doors in the east wall (#3, #4, #5), one of which (#5) seems to lead to a balcony overlooking the ballroom. A large window in the south wall overlooks the driveway. There are six doors in the west wall (#6 -- #11).

What you encounter on the second floor is utter pandemonium. A woman dressed as a Fairie Queen is lying on the floor, bleeding from what appears to be a gunshot wound in her hip. Women dressed like a Sexy Vampire and a paramedic, respectively, are kneeling over her. A man dressed like a pirate (whom you recognize as Chip's father Mike Wellman) is untangling himself from a gaunt Sicilian man dressed like the Grim Reaper. Sgt. Duffy has his gun out, aimed in the direction of the laundry chute, while  a red-haired woman dressed like a warrior princess (Red Sonja), a man dressed like a James Bond villain and a man costumed in green slime all stand and gape.

Suddenly, the Slime Man runs and dives down the laundry chute. The James Bond villain turns to the Grim Reaper and shouts, ""Salvatore, you idiot! You've ruined everything!" Then he follows the Slime Man down the laundry chute. A look of extreme consternation crosses the Grim Reaper's face.

Sgt. Duffy is momentarily flabbergasted, then turns to Wellman and shouts, "Where does that chute lead?"

Wellman replies, "Laundry room, first floor...just off the kitchen...come on, I'll show you."

Sgt. Duffy rushes past you, back down the stairs. Wellman stops to kneel beside the Fairie Queen, taking her hand tenderly as he says, "I'll be right back..."

"I'm fine," the Fairie Queen says, trying to be brave through gritted teeth.

"I love you, Veronica," Wellman says, kissing her on the lips. You notice the Sexy Vampire flushing bright red with anger as he says this. In the background, you see Red Sonja slip through door #2.

Wellman follows Sgt. Duffy down the stairs as the paramedic indicates the Fairie Queen and says,  "Help me get her into the bedroom."

To stand and observe, doing nothing, click here.

Click here to switch to Red Sonja (Avengelyne).

Click here to switch to the Slime Man (Brother Doofus).

Click here to switch to the James Bond villain (Brother Sputum).