9:15 P.M.

Laurie Anderson's "From The Air" can be heard playing from the ballroom.

The Sheik disappears through a door in the north wall beside the laundry room while you and Chip continue to struggle on the kitchen floor. You feel like you are in a dream, and you feel the strength leaving your limbs, the effect of whatever concoction you swallowed.

Brother Sputum and Brother Doofus stand watching from the laundry room, not knowing what to do. Sputum turns to Doofus and says, "Doofus?  What should we do?" Brother Doofus stands still, saying and doing nothing.

You call out, "I'm not crazy! Chip, tell Doofus what you just told me..."

Just then, you manage to get free of Chip, and dart through the door in the north wall which the Sheik disappeared through. You register that you've entered a pantry with a staircase leading down into the cellar.

Suddenly, Chip jumps you from behind and you both tumble down the stairs.  In your relaxed, drugged-out state, you feel no pain. You reach the bottom, tangled up with Chip, who is bleeding from his ears and mouth. His eyes are closed and he's not moving.

Looking around, you see that you are in a dank stone room with a door in the south wall. A large furnace is set into the north wall; the Sheik is staring into it, gasping, "My God..." Light from the fiery furnace illuminates the room.

If you run for the door in the south wall, click here.

Click here to switch to Brother Doofus.

Click here to switch to Brother Sputum.