9:15 P.M.

Laurie Anderson's "From The Air" plays from the ballroom.

Red Sonja steps through door #7 as you follow the walking wounded into the master bedroom (door #4).

You step into a large, beautifully appointed bedroom with a four-poster canopy bed. Large windows in the east wall look out over the back yard. A smaller window in the south wall seems to overlook the ballroom. Beside it is the door to a large walk-in closet, hanging open. A door in the north wall is hanging open to reveal a bathroom.

The Fairie Queen is lying on the bed, bleeding profusely. Her dress has been hiked up to reveal the wound in her hip, which has not yet been treated. Strangely, there are no sheets on the bed.  The Sexy Vampire is on the phone, saying, "Yes, Ashcroft Manor...send an ambulance right away."

The Grim Reaper, looking very anxious, brushes past you and hurries out the door back to the hall.

Delirious, the Fairie Queen grabs you and rasps, "Find Richard...find Richard...tell him it's all gone wrong..."

Just then, the paramedic emerges from the bathroom with a handful of bandages and disinfectant. She looks from you to the Sexy Vampire and says, "Is there any reason why there should be blood in the bathtub?"

To go check out the bathroom, click here.

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