9:20 P.M.

"Trainspotting" by Primal Scream plays from the ballroom.

You stand and do nothing in the Sheik's bedroom/office. A large canopied bed and a small television and VCR take up the north end of the room, while the south end of the room contains a large desk, a couple of file cabinets, and shelves of books. A sofa and several chairs take up the middle of the room, arranged alongside a large window in the west wall. There is a door in the south wall, by the desk.

There appears to be a tape in the VCR. Another videotape and a manila envelope are lying on top of the VCR.

If you examine the manila envelope and the videotapes, click here.

If you run through a series of vigorous calisthenics and then lie down for a quick nap, click here.