9:25 P.M.

From the ballroom, you hear the supergroovy new Lyle Lovett song, "That's Right (You're Not From Texas)."

Once again, Amanda asks how many cards you want. You do nothing, and she says, "Okay, no cards for you..." and moves on around the group.

You wind up with a  three of diamonds, a king of spades, a king of clubs, a king of hearts and a jack of diamonds.

Governor Asher throws down his cards with a triumphant whoop: he has four aces and a wild joker. "FIVE ACES!" he smiles. "Okay, everybody...strip!"

Icy Hot pulls off his leather jacket: he is now wearing leather pants and two black leather boots.

Bernadette pulls off her other go-go boot. She is now wearing a cat's-ear headband, a choker, a leopard-skin leotard, a leopard-skin miniskirt, fishnet stockings and a black bra.

And then, everybody's eyes go wide as Amanda pulls off her lacy bra, revealing a pair of beautifully formed breasts with lovely erect pink nipples. She is still wearing a red skirt, black stockings and two red shoes.

Bernadette turns to you and Brother Foooz and says, "Okay, you two...strip." You are wearing leather pants, boxer shorts, one leather boot, a pair of sweat socks and a leather vest over a bare chest. Brother Foooz is wearing a military cap, a white dress jacket, a white shirt, a black tie, white pants, white underwear, a pair of dress socks and a pair of shoes.

Asher, practically drooling, turns to Amanda and says, "Forget them...I wanna make you an offer you can't refuse..."

Amanda arches her back, thrusting out her breasts, and giggles, "Why mister governor...what could you want from little ol' me?"

Asher rubs his hands together gleefully and says, "How's about we start off with a big, wet kiss?"

"Well, it's my rule...I guess I have to play by it," Amanda says, leaning towards him. Asher immediately sticks his tongue down her throat and squeezes one of her breasts.

Suddenly, there is a flash from the closet, then another.

"Huh?" Asher says, confused, as Amanda reaches a hand down his pants and sucks on his neck. Icy Hot leans in close, sucking on a pot pipe, and Bernadette crawls forward and lifts her dress. All in all, it's a pretty scandalous tableau.

"You bitch!" Asher screams, slapping Amanda. "You set me up!"

"Gus! Get out of here!" Amanda screams, struggling with the governor.

Gus the Viking bolts out of the closet, clutching his camera. Asher sticks out a foot and trips him while clutching Amanda's throat in a choke hold. The camera skitters across the floor.

If you sit and do nothing, too stunned to move, click here.

Click here to switch to Brother Foooz.