9:30 P.M.

"Macarena" by Los Del Rio...the dance sensation that's sweeping the nation...macarenas from the ballroom.

You are almost too mesmerized by Amanda to move, but as the confusion occurs, it all starts making sense to you. You dive for the camera and book away from the governor.

Brother Nitrous sits watching, too dazed to move.

"When this is over, I'm just going to get drunk," you think, but for now, you run like hell out of the pool house. Once outside, you see flashing blue lights to the north and south: the Ashcroft estate seems to be surrounded by cops.

You hear Governor Asher behind you, screaming, "STOP, YOU LITTLE PUKE! GIVE ME THAT CAMERA OR I'LL FUCKING DESTROY YOU!"

You feel his hands encircle your throat, then Amanda bolts from the pool house, bare-breasted, and leaps on his back, pounding her fists against his head. "GET THAT FILM TO JACK MARSTON!" she cries out to you. "HE'S DRESSED LIKE A SHEIK! I THINK HE WENT TO THE KITCHEN! IT'S IN THE NORTH CORNER OF THE HOUSE! RUN!"

With a bestial growl, Asher hurls Amanda into the pool. Gus the Viking bursts out of the pool house and smashes the governor in the face, snarling, "That's for Helen!" Then the two men start wrestling by the edge of the pool.

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