9:30 P.M.

"Macarena" by Los Del Rio...the dance sensation that's sweeping the nation...macarenas from the ballroom.

You dash over to the door and bolt it shut. Immediately, you hear people pounding on it, and the policeman yells, "OPEN UP! I JUST WANT TO TALK TO YOU!"

You go over to the console and examine the controls and the three security monitors.

One screen shows party guests doing the macarena in the ballroom. You see several uniformed policemen moving among the crowd.

The second screen shows policemen questioning guests in the dining room.

The third screen shows the pool area. You see Brother Foooz rush out of the pool house, clutching a camera, followed by Governor Asher. Asher grabs Foooz by the throat, then Amanda (Little Red Riding Hood) comes out of the pool house, bare-breasted; she jumps onto Asher's back and starts pounding him in the head. She screams something, then Asher throws her into the pool and Gus the Viking emerges from the pool house and starts wrestling with the governor.

You look down at buttons on the console, which allow you to view various parts of the house on the three monitors. The choices are:

MONITOR #1: Ballroom, front hall, main hall, upstairs hall, gym, game room, library
MONITOR #2: Dining room, kitchen, wine cellar, Mike's office, Vernonica's office
MONITOR #3: Pool, driveway, stables, hedge maze, greenhouse, patio

You also see controls which allow you to control the time on the monitors, meaning you can watch events live or see what happened in various rooms at various times during the night (i.e., you can program in a room and a time, and see what happened in that room at that time).

If you tune the monitors to see what was happening in the upstairs hall at 8:50, Veronica's office at 8:05 and then check out what's happening live in the greenhouse, click here.

Click here to switch to Brother Foooz.