9:35 P.M.

"Muleskinner Blues" by Dolly Parton can be heard playing from the ballroom.

You go through the door in the north corner of the house, looking for the Sheik, and find yourself in a kitchen large enough to support a five star restaurant. There are two doors in the south wall and one door in the west wall. A door in the north wall is hanging open to reveal a laundry room. Beside the laundry room is an incinerator, and beside that is another door in the north wall.

The disturbing smell of cooked meat is very strong in the kitchen. You notice droplets of blood leading from the laundry room to the incinerator.

From the north door (beside the laundry room), you hear someone yell, "I'M MARSTON, YOU IDIOT!"

Before you can respond, a cop comes in from outside. He looks you up and down, then checks a notebook and says, "Excuse me...Brother Foooz, is it? Sgt. Duffy has asked me to escort you to the library. Would you come with me, please?"

Just then, Brother Sputum emerges from the closed north door, which apparently leads to a pantry. A Sicilian man dressed as the Grim Reaper is pressed close to Sputum, apparently leading him into the room. The Sheik emerges behind them.

If you're polite to the nice officer, but still try to get the camera to the Sheik, click here.

Click here to switch to Brother Sputum.