9:35 P.M.

"Muleskinner Blues" by Dolly Parton can be heard playing from the ballroom.

You stand in the hall doing nothing.

Suddenly, the sexy paramedic rushes up the stairs with a trauma team and a cop. The group disappears through door #4. From within, you hear them yelling things like, "STAT!" and "FLATLINE!"

Two more cops come up the stairs behind them. One steps into Jack Marston's office, the other looks you up and down, then consults a notebook and says, "Avengelyne? Sgt. Duffy wanted me to escort you to the library...would you come with me, please?"

If you continue to stand and do nothing, click right the fuck here.

Click here to lie down and take a nap, hoping to be awakened by rampaging zombies.