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Evaluation feedback from past clients and students

“WOW is all I can say!”

"I have lived in a couple different countries and was educated in both Europe and the US. In all my travels and educational experiences, Andrew Osborne has been the best teacher I've had..."

“I really treasure your insight and help.”

"Great insight, experience, and I really appreciated his comments."

“Much appreciated!”

"Andrew was simply amazing.  He offered me the best and most detailed feedback that I have received to date after a year of courses.  He was honest without being dismissive, he challenged without being a bully, and he gently nudged me when I needed to be nudged."

“He was wonderful!”

"His insight is boundless and he is better than anyone at walking the delicate line between honesty and encouragement.  No matter the material, he can always find something positive to say, and he doesn't shy away from deconstructing problem areas."