8:30 P.M.

From the ballroom, you hear the Muppet classic "Mnah Mnah."

You stand doing nothing.

Brother Nitrous says, "Looks more interesting out on the patio."

Chip sees Helen Asher out on the patio and says, "Yeah, man, she's pretty hot for a black chick...and I hear her husband makes her do all kinds of kinky stuff, like blowing him in his limo on the way to state dinners and shit, really humiliating stuff. I hear the guy bitch-slaps her around the house when no one's around. I don't know why she doesn't leave him...maybe she can't get enough of that big black governor dick...hey, have you seen my dad? Is he still acting weird?"

You notice an odd bulge in Chip's pantaloons.

Outside, you see Helen Asher disappear off the porch, heading for the hedge maze.

If you ask Chip where he thinks Helen is going, click here.

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