9:30 P.M.

"Macarena" by Los Del Rio...the dance sensation that's sweeping the nation...macarenas from the ballroom.

You think that the commotion at the bottom of the stairs is even scarier than the foofoorah going on in the basement, but the moaning makes you curious and appears to be a safe haven of some sort. You step through door #7 and come face to face with Red Sonja, the red-haired Amazon in black fishnets and a steel-plated bustier. Over her shoulder, you see that she has been watching a videotape of the Sexy Vampire (now dressed as a dominatrix) giving oral pleasure to Mike Wellman (who is wearing a dog collar and a diaper).

There appears to be another videotape and a manila envelope on top of the VCR.

Red Sonja steps past you into the hall as the videotape playing in the VCR stops and automatically rewinds. You see the Sexy Vampire emerge from door #4 and rush down the stairs.

The large, oak-panelled room you have entered seems to function as a bedroom and office. A large canopied bed and the t.v./VCR take up the north end of the room, while the south end of the room contains a large desk, a couple of file cabinets, and shelves of books. A sofa and several chairs take up the middle of the room, arranged alongside a large window in the west wall. There is a door in the south wall, by the desk.

If you check out the manila envelope, click here.

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